Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Shorter days, cooler mornings and nights, empty beaches are announcing the departure of summer. After a long and very hot season, these small changes are refreshing.
In 2 weeks time, schools will be openning and we wont hear the happy sounds of children anymore. Sad that a much expected season is leaving slowly, but we are also welcoming the best times of Datca. Here, eveybody agrees that September is the best season.
Much tolarable tempratures, Mediterranean behaving like a still lake and no crowds. Its all for us, the real lovers of this place.
Photo below is a warm reminder of this passing summer.Two kids are selling corn at the beach for some pocket money..
Have a nice September.


  1. Love this photo.. the beauty of life in summer!!
    I can understand at the end of a very hot summer.. the cooler days are welcome.. although.. I am very excited about spring arriving here in Aus..

    By the way.. love the limoncello!!! I first tried it in Positano and brought some home all the way from Italy.. of course it is all gone now!!!

    Have a lovely week xxx Julie

  2. Way back when we were childless we always took our vacations in September for just the same reasons. Better weather, less people.

  3. I love September. Now let's hope the temperature cools down. We're still up in the 90's here in New York. Too much!

  4. September is lovely here too but those hot days of summer are over. But you are right, a few changes are refreshing. I bet that corn is tasty!

  5. I can't believe it's September feels like summer here.
    We have still +28 inside..sigh!
    Great picture!

  6. We're feeling the season change here, too (our seasons change subtly in southern California, but they do change). I hope you enjoy your September in Datca.

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. What a beautiful beach. I am definitely looking forward to cooler weather here. It has been a very hot summer.

  8. Your shots are always of unique beauty and interest. Hugs

  9. Yes it is sad to see Summer pass so quickly. You are right though we need the cooler temperatures that often come in September. Have a lovely weekend.
    ( I have scrolled down and have enjoyed all your photos so much, I too love Limencello)

  10. its still very hot here in houston but i dont mind it at all. great photo btw!

  11. yes we are feeling the same!

    corn at the beach!! that surprised me!

  12. Nice september to you too!
    I will miss summer very much this time!

  13. Nice September to you!
    Very interesting shot!

    B xx



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