Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Its the time of the year where olives are everywhere in our little peninsula.....

 Its definitely the golden liquid where you could find it in every house. Probably for the last 10 years olive oil is the only oil, I let my body to consume. A typical snack or a breakfast  in our house includes olive oil, home made bread and some herbs..

The good thing about living here is that we do not buy our oils from the market or from the shops. We directly buy from the farmers. If you travel thru the peninsula by car you could see hundreds of houses selling olive oils in water or coke bottles.

After tasting many, for the last couple years we have settled with the product of Mrs Nergis (Nergis means daffodil; isnt it a nice name?) I like strong olive taste and some aroma in my oil, and that's what exactly Mrs. Daffodil's oils are offering...Below you are seeing my Mom and Mrs Daffodil, at the beginning of summer, bargaining for our first purchase of the season: 50 litres...As whoever taste it, always orders some for us, probably we are purchasing close to 100 litres every year. A nice way to make friends and family happy..


  1. What a lovely post! I so enjoyed the pictures and remembering my experience of (not) finding olive oil when I lived in Palestine.

    We lived in Ramallah and I looked all over the shops for olive oi and couldn't find any, to my utter surprise. There was sunflower oil, corn oil, but no olive oil.

    What to do? No way was I going to resort to using sunflower oil while living in the Holy Land!

    My husband told his Palestinian colleagues about my search and asked where I might buy the oil.

    Well, you can guess the rest. Next day I had more oil and olives than I knew what to do with! They all brought me bottles of oil from their home village, the best, all of them ;)

    Later, when we moved to Africa, they gave us liters and liters of oil to take with his, as well as huge jars of olives. We packed them and shipped them and used every last drop and every last olive.

    Thanks for enteraining me with your post!

  2. Fresh olive oil must be a harvest treat....I would eat nothing else as well! I love balsamic vinegar floated on top for an appie..... wonderful post......

  3. Wonderful images. I loved all of the olivetrees and products when I have visited Greece and the isles!!

    I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

    Art by Karena

  4. Oh I bet it is scrumptious! So much better than the processed, bottled, shipped olive oils we get here. I do try to buy more expensive olive oils and we adore the taste - can only imagine what it tastes like direct from the farmer!

    Great pics!

  5. Lucky you ! I just want to grab few of those bottles of olive-oil right from your picture. When you meet Mrs. Nargis next time,please tell her that if i ever travel to your land ,i will surely visit her to buy that precious golden fluid.As far as olive oil is concerned,we don't have much choice out here.

    You describe your post so beautifully .I loved the first picture.The red chillies add more color to this beautiful image.

    Thanks a lot for everything.

  6. Beautiful pictures. Such a unique shot of an olive. And I've never seen such a dish; it is so practical! Nice to meet your mom, too.
    Good olive oil is the best, no doubt about it.

    So it's OK to store it in plastic bottles? Here we only see glass or metal containers.

    Our harvest will start next month.

  7. Charming! I love the photo of the sunlight glowing through the olive oil in all those water and pop bottles!

  8. Hi
    oh my - it looks divine. I would SO love to have fresh olive oil - I can only imagine the aroma and taste. Great pictures and lovely post.

    Love to you
    peace and hope.....

  9. The snack looks yummi,the olive oil,liquid gold.
    I use olive oil to cook but I have to get mine in the shop or supermarket. Must be wonderfull to have oil that fresh.

  10. Your great pictures speek themselves! Hugs

  11. I love oil to eat, for body and hair... it is really healthy and we´re lucky, the mediterranean people

  12. I love a strong olive scent as well. Hard for us to find. 100 liters? I don't come anywhere near that even though it is normally the only oil I use. Enjoyed this visit.

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  14. I envy the possibility of buying olive oil directly from the farmers. I use different type of oils for different purposes but olive oil is definietly the best for salats

  15. I think the history of olives is at the same age as the humanity. I like the smell of this oil.

  16. Wow, extremely stunning pictures!
    The first one and the second one are very artisyic!

    Love this post greatly!!

    B xx

  17. Found your blog by accident and love it. Very enjoyable!


  18. What a treat to wake up to fresh bread dipped into herbs and the finest olive oil. That is blessing indeed. Great images.

  19. Now you're talking ! You might be intersted to know more about Carol Drinkwater - who has a wonderful olive farm in the med. SHe used to be an actress - very famous - and now farms olives. ANd bees. You can find her at if you're interested.

  20. Amazing post!
    Glad I stopped by:)

  21. Oh! I am enchanted...and adding you to my blogs I love...across the pond. Your corner of the world is quite fascinating!

  22. Wow, so much olive oil, what a delicious sight!

  23. What a lovely blog, and interesting story about leaving your "old" life behind and living the dream. I have an utter fascination with Turkey, for me it is still a dream, at least I can see and read about this through your virtual blog.

    My favorite is also olive oil, bread and some is the only oil I use.
    excellent oil for your body ,hair, skin.

    I became a follower of yours today.


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