Sunday, October 3, 2010

Faces from Cuba

Last night Hubby was out of town and it was my fish menu night. As he hates the smell of the cooking fish at home, I prefer to make it for myself when he is out.

It was a beautiful night. I had my fish, green salad and couple glasses of wine. Candles were lit at the veranda, Cesaria Evora was playing on the background, her beautiful voice was mixing with the sounds of the waves. A perfect scene for one of my habits.

After dinner I made myself a thick, black Turkish coffee and smoked a Cuban cigar. I have never smoked in my life, but in a Cuban trip I made 6 years ago, I somehow acquired the habit of smoking cigars.  I found out that after a good dinner, in a pleasant night, there is nothing better than the rich and strong taste of a cigar to end the feast.

I am extremely selective for my cigar dates. It has to be a Cohiba and the setting should be perfect and I only smoke 8-10 per year. While I was enjoying my coffee and cigar, I realized that I have never posted about Cuba on my blog. I have to say that, so far I have travelled to many different countries but Cuba and couple other places will always have a very special place on my heart.

Last night it was also the wedding night of my dear friend Erdem. As of today he and his wife Sema are flying to Tibet for their honeymoon. I am wishing them a wonderful trip and a great life together from here.

I already posted some excellent photos of  Erdem's trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar  on Turquoise Diaries, and today for the first post of my Cuban series, let me start with some of his photos. So here are some faces from Cuba from the eyes of Erdem Kütükoğlu:

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  1. I could make myself a dinner like that tonight... incldsing a cigar--. Oh my

    You surely had a great time!

  2. stunning photos...somehow red fits the Cuban culture so well....and those cigars look awesome. I can understand smoking one of those....Frida Kahlo certainly enjoyed them....your lone dinner sounds like a wonderful treat to yourself....Cheers!

  3. What can be more perfect than good food, good wine, candles, and Cesaria Evora for company while hubby is away? I love that!


  4. I like this kind of photos. Great shots!

  5. I enjoyed these lovely images of Cuba. I look forward to the day when my country abandons its Cold War policies and allows Americans to freely travel to Cuba.

  6. Oh,that black and white picture is so beautiful !Brilliant captures of Cuba !Your friends chose a very interesting place for honeymoon...good wishes for them.
    Have a great week T.D.!

  7. ah cuba! i loved it there. have been there twice now. it is very inexpensive from canada.
    my choice would also be cohiba... the best

  8. Incredible portraits! I love them all

  9. Lovely pics. I especially like the old woman with that fat cigar. I bet she's a character!
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    Thanks so much and keep smiling!

  10. Wonderful pictures, I studied each one for a while. Sounds like you had an amazing evening all to yourself. As much as we must love out mates, sometimes a quiet evening alone to enjoy pastimes unique to ourselves is a pleasure to be savored.


  11. Beautiful and alluring photography and stories,


  12. Dear Aysegul
    Always beautiful photos here.. but the 2nd last.. superb!!!! so wonderful!!!

    I hate the smell of fish cooking inside too!! but as yet have never smoked a cigar!! I can just imagine you now... kicking back feet up... cigar hanging from your fingers!!! hahaha.. the sweet life!! whilst hubby's away the mice will play!!!

    Sorry for absence .. I've had no internet this past week.. arrgghhh!!! annoying.. missing everyone's lovely posts!!! Have a great week xxx Julie

  13. Thanks to you and Erdem for wonderful photos. Like George, I wish for freer travel to Cuba.

  14. Awesome faces. Just awesome!!!
    But Aysegul, I am upset on u.. Its been so long since u dropped by my blog.. Missing u there.. :(

    All gals trip to Yercaud
    Being a Saree clad Bride's Maid

  15. Hi Aysegul! Faces? ;))
    Well, lovely anyhow...

    Blogtrotter Two just left Sardinia 2009, but it couldn’t make it without showing you the incredible Porto Cervo and its yachts... Not exactly what we find in Cuba, except for the Cohiba Behike... ;)
    Enjoy and have a great week!

  16. Your dinner sounds lovely!! Especially the couple glasses of wine:)

  17. You know what, I don't think its possible to take a bad photo in Cuba. Everywhere you look there is something vibrant and beautiful going on. WOnderful post, especially the details you write. thank you

  18. OMG the second picture is soo beautiful! the woman with the cigar! amazing! I've never been to Cuba and I want to go so much... for us is relatively near...

  19. There is a movie you will like to see... it's called Suite Habana... is such a lovely film about every day life in Cuba!

  20. wish i was there NOW - fabulous shots!

    PS - PASS IT ON - ANOTHER GIVE-AWAY!!! - 2 necklaces = 2 winners! - JOIN IN!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  21. a magical must be a look back in time..I wish I can go there some day...




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