Friday, October 8, 2010

Faces From Cuba -2

Today here find some faces from Cuba from my camera, including a very happy tourist.

A painter couple from the Cojimar village. He was drawing, she was painting and today the painting he holds is hanging on my home

I always consider my time in Cuba as the beginning of my travel to find me....I remember I had so much problem at the office back home at the time. I was hating my job but I was making tons of money and I was spending tons of money. The usual dilemma...But in the 10 days I spent in Cuba, filled with music, dancing, and wonderful friends, my whole attitude towards life has started to change. It was the first time I really considered that I could actually quit my job and trade it's perks with a more happy, more simpler and more productive life. Of course it took me couple more years to do it but the little precious seed was already planted under the Cuban sun at that time.

I received a complaint from dear Mitr that I am neglecting her.. I know, I am not visiting your blogs as much as I wanted to nowadays and trying to figure out what you wrote by just looking at the titles but since we did not extend our high speed internet connection deal as we are soon moving back to İstanbul, I am struggling with a very slow connection. It is taking ages just to load a single blog. So please excuse me, I will be back with my visits soon...


  1. Cuba for being only about 100 miles or so from the USA is so exotic to me. I think its hard for US citizens to get the "real story" on Cuba. All we hear is about Castro and I'm interested in the every day people.

    Glad you were able to change your life. Good for you.

    And I love the painting that you bought.

  2. I like the painting you bought.
    Slow internet connection is really pain if you're used to a fast connection...
    Greetings from Helsinki!

  3. Küba'ya gitmeyi çok isterdim.Ama eğer Küba'ya gidersem Amerikan Konsolosluğu vize asla ama asla alamayacağımı söylüyor Amerika için. :(( O yüzden diyorum ki fırsatım olunca Küba olmasa bile Peru'ya fln gideyim.Hemde vize istemiyorlarken !.Fotoğraflarınız çok güzel,hangi makinayı kullandınız ? Şu sıralar bende yeni bir makina arayışı içerisindeyimde.
    ps: 2 ay olacak Macaristan konsolosluğuna başvurda bulundum.Tüm evraklar tam ama benden öyle gereksiz ( akıl bile edemezsiniz yuh dersiniz ) belgeler istendi ki bugün :( Tüm moralim sıfır ve derdimi anlatacak hiçkimse olmadığı için buraya yazdım :(.Herkes vizesini aldı yarın uçuyor ama ben ? :((( Sözde pasaportumda o kadar vize var :( Şu Macaristan bile bizlere buu yapıyorsa ne denir Turkuvaz Diaries ?

  4. fabulous images. I cannot wait until we can travel to Cuba. Sounds like you have some new goals from your trip. Good luck with planning for the future.

  5. Your pictures are lovely! I've been feeling the same thing about life lately but I'm not earning lots of money haha but you just have to see the good things of life and enjoy them very much like a smile, a good glass of wine with friends and family, love, health and when you have those you realize you do not need the expensive things that much... the painting you bought is gorgeous!!!!

  6. Pretty pictures, it's true that sometimes such travels do change life

  7. I like your Cuba posts, great pictures and I loved to read the impact travelling there finally had on your life,I think that's wonderfull.
    Changing ones view on what is and what isn't important in life, means going through a process and takes courage.
    Thanks for sharing,Renilde.

  8. Your posts about Cuba are wonderful. I can see your love of the place in the photos.

    Changing your life feels frightening while you think about it, but once you start the universe rewards you. It can be done!

  9. I didn't see how you could top your part one, but my goodness !! You so have.

    Love them all. Please post some more!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend

  10. I love the way you see things both with your camera and your heart .Cuba looks like a very interesting place to be in .i enjoy your posts a lot !Have a nice weekend !

  11. Gorgeous pictures even if they were taken by an old fashion technology!! Hugs

  12. Oh wow...i would love to travel to Cuba!!!
    Lovely pictures of beautiful people!



  13. I was born in father is Cuban my mother is French..I came here as a baby and never got to see it, only hear stories from the adults..but I am very curious about it.You travel so much around the world, how fortunate you are. I lived in Europe for a while and my times travelling taught me more about myself than anything ever did...One question.. Where do you leave your sweet puppy when you travel????

  14. Growing up in America, all I ever heard about Cuba and Castro was bad bad bad. Every Cuban who could, left (so they said). My friend married a "Cuban refugee" in the 1960s.

    I am glad for your posts about Cuba that tell the other story.
    And thanks for sharing your personal story of how your life would change.

  15. I am so jealous of your meaningful travels to Cuba. I will just soak it in...




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