Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to İstanbul

Finally we are back to İstanbul after 4.5 months. After spending so much time at open space and at the beach, first days at home rather brought a mild depression to Hubby and me while Hera is having a major one..After a big re-packing session, we ran to supermarkets and the farmers market to make a reasonable food stock..and I started to fill the baskets and bowls at home with season's products...

 and in the meantime our little Hera had an operation 2 days ago..She is sooo sweet with the big kone on her head but as you can guess she is quite unhappy...

So our life in İstanbul has started. So far I couldnt go out except food shopping but hopefully this weekend. I already miss so much of your posts but as I have a proper internet now, I will see you soon..


  1. Seems to me you have the best of both worlds,the beauty of the seaside and buzzing city life.
    I loved your Datca posts and now I'm looking forward to the Istanbul ones.
    Poor Hera has a sad look in his eyes, hope he"ll get well soon.Once he has adapted to his other(new) home everything will be fine.
    Have a good time and happy days in Istanbul!

  2. Hoşgeldiniz efendim.
    Şunu söylemek istiyorum ki Datça Blog başlığınız benim çok daha fazla hoşuma gitmişti.
    Eğer İstanbul'da fotoğraf çekmek için turlayacak olursanız belki denk gelebilir ve birlikte fotoğraf çekeriz.

    Ahmet ER

  3. Yes, getting back is sometimes depressing, but humans can get use to every circumstances and shopping is always the best cure:)))

  4. Welcome Home! Though you are sad about it. Yes, it's always difficult to see the summer end and take with it the beauty and warmth that surround us. But, every season and time has its beauty, too.

    May your fall season be filled with happy moments... and beautiful sights.


  5. Yes, you must feel cooped up inside your apartment after the freedom of beaches and sea and sun! And poor Hera -- I hope she's better soon!

  6. It's always tough to lose summer and it's freedom....Give Hera a good scratch for me...He is one of my favourites.....

  7. yes, hard to say goodbye to another beautiful summer of beach, sun and casual relaxed living..and the coziness of city home will feel good as it gets cold. look forward to your posts from the city too!

    love to herra

  8. I'm sure you are looking forward to go to Istanbul! Hugs

  9. hoşgeldin sevgili ayşegül, datça'yı bırakıp da gelmenin sendeki hüznünü tahmin edebiliyorum...

  10. oh ! how i love this great city. please have a peacefull friday you all.

    daily athens

  11. Oh I can understand being a little depressed with summer over!!! still I look forward to all your fabulous Instanbul posts...

    Now poor little Hera.. it makes me laugh.. Many years ago our family dog had a sore ear and we had to use a plastic bucket with the bottom cut out for the same purpose.. My nephew called him Bucket Head.. then he called everyone Bucket Head for many years to come!! hehehe...

    Hope Hera gets well soon.. xxx Julie

  12. Beautiful header !Hope by now you are feeling settled and less depressed :):)Hera is such a beautiful name- i hope she gets rid of that cone very soon.
    Looking forward for your new posts on Istanbul !

  13. soon it will feel like home again. im sad that summer is over here too.

  14. I know how it feels. Getting back it is depressing at some point...but welcome home! although you're sad.

    Love your pictures! The puppy looks sad as well.

    B xx

  15. Hope your dog is feeling better soon!
    Good luck with life back in Istanbul.



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