Friday, October 15, 2010

The Door

Nowadays I am madly packing as we are soon moving to our winter home and life in İstanbul. There are tons of stuff to be arranged before both here and there..While we are still enjoying a beautiful Mediterranean autumn over here, winter scenes and even snow started to appear in and around İstanbul in the TV news. It looks like it will be a big climate change for us..

Soon I will change the header of my blog and make it something more appropriate with the life in İstanbul. I know many of you like my summer and Datca themed header. Before changing it here is a full photo of the door..

 It is the entrance door of a lovely stone house in old Datca..

Wish you a great and colorful weekend....


  1. oooh, I didn't realize it was a door, that big... :) well done! great surprise!
    Have a relaxing weekend!

  2. Beautiful shot.. you look so calm and relaxed... it will be sad to see you leave Datca .. your summer ending.. but always enjoy your Istanbul posts too.. Have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  3. Ah, so that's where it is!
    Have a good transition back to the big city. Go in peace.

  4. ne güzel; o kapının sizin evinize ait olduğunu hiç tahmin etmemiştim. ümit ederim bir gün benim de böylesi civit mavisi bir kapım olur ve tüm kem gözleri dışarıda tutar ve dost yüerkleri içeri alır...

    Istanbul sizin de yazığınız gibi bu son iki haftadır pek keyifli değil ama bir arkadaşımın dediğin gibi bu şehir üzerine ne giyerse giysin her dem yakışıyor...



  5. I just love your header photo and to see the full door is fabulous! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. Where will you walk Hera? He will miss the beach so much! Istanbul will be awfully interesting for us though....Datca has been so lovely....and the door is super special too....

  7. I often looked at that door knocker,it's such a clever design,simple and beautiful.
    To see the door and the house was a surprise and fun.

  8. Yes, the knocker is absolutly fantastic! I love love love the color of the doors. And happy you -a summer house is a fantasting opportunity but during winter you probably miss your summer location:)

  9. That is a great picture and that door knocker is quite lovely.

    Big hugs!
    B xx

  10. Yes, it's wonderful to see the door knocker. Here's wishing you a happy winter.

  11. Hi
    beautiful door in that amazing stone wall. wow!! :-) and beautiful YOU. I loved being in Istanbul - the Bazaars, the Dancing Bears, the amazing restaurants and shops. I hope your move goes smoothly.

    Love Gail

  12. What a gorgeous picture. Who is that charming lady? Hugs

  13. I like the full picture, you look like a queen ready to enter her palace. But the header doesn't look good.

  14. you are always so photo genic. really good photo
    may it be a gentle transition
    ~laura x

  15. It's an amazing door!
    you are so beautiful!



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