Sunday, October 10, 2010

Places from Cuba: Trinidad

I wasnt sure what I was expecting to see when I decided to go to Cuba. All I know was I wanted to see Cuba ( with the dissatisfied hunger of a traveller) while Fidel was alive. I wanted to see the creation of his life time..

Well, at the end of my trip, the hunger has satisfied. I saw good things, I saw sad things. I listened frustrating life stories, I listened happy life stories. So actually not much different from the other places I have lived and visited.

Of course I couldnt see Fidel with my own eyes but had the opportunity to see the first lady of the time: Mrs Castro (Raul Castro's wife). She was entertaining her guests from South Korea at a restaurant where we were also lunching and when she learned that our small group came all the way from Turkey, she did not hesitate to stop and graciously welcomed us to her country.

Well, so many words but no photos so far. As for my 'Places from Cuba' post, I want to take you to the town of Trinidad. A wonderful, beautiful and a MUST see place.


  1. your photos are wonderful
    very gracious of the first lady to greet and welcome you~

  2. Merhaba friend Aysegul! Your pictures are just great. In the last photo you look a woman from Cuba already!!:):)

  3. You look beautiful !

    Cuba is interesting and the sights are so pretty .May be because i come from an overcrowded country i am finding the streets in the picture almost deserted.Looks like the people with blue umbrella are selling cotton shirts...would love to buy one.Thanks for this lovely tour.

    Have a great week friend !

  4. so pretty! I wish I could be there someday

  5. I want be skinny like you! Cuba does look beautiful. I'm certain all of it is not, but that is true of all our worlds. How cool that you met the First Lady.

  6. It looks clean, peaceful, almost empty in a blissful way. When were you there? So lovely.

  7. Wow. I had no impressions of what Cuba would look like... it's lovely.

  8. You are gorgeous in the orange dress, Wow!!
    Cuba is one of the places I long to visit desperately and hope to one day soon. After seeing your vivid gorgeous images I can't wait to go :)

  9. Yeah, Cuba is one the best tourist place to visit. There are several locations in Cuba which you will like the most, but my favorite place is Trinidad beach. You have to go there once and I am sure that you will like the calm atmosphere.

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