Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The night

It was a beautiful September night. When the last rays of the sun dissappearing, we found ourselves a table to dine over the harbour. Pasta and wine was at the menu..

As we are planning to spend a good part of autumn here, we made plans for İstanbul, for winter...
- finish the final year of archeology course
-take a photography course
-maybe a trip to Mongolia
-several short trips to nearby places
-lots of movie, museum,and art gallery visits
-hit the gym more often
-attemp to start writing a novel
-etc etc etc

It was surprising to find out how I much I miss my life in İstanbul in a perfect Mediterranean night..


  1. Beautiful photography! You must be increasing the number of tourists to your part of the world - tempting us with such great shots!!!

  2. Hi,

    Oh how I loved Istanbul and SO enjoyed the history and culture and natural beauty. I can see and smell it so well 0 the ekemek baking and the horse manure in the streets mixed with rain and dirt. I was there in September too. :-)

    Love to you
    peace, hope and healing

  3. Oh! it is just as I remember it....dining by the sparkling Med....what a wonderful summer you have had and your winter sounds fabulous too! interesting that on the other side of the world, our ambitions are so similar.....

  4. You're going to be very busy!
    Are you going to take an online photog course?
    A you have an idea already?
    I try to study my camera but not often enough...but maybe after Ramadan and when it's not that hot...

  5. Oh what lovely pictures...what a magnificent place. I would love so much to visit.

  6. You have the perfect life!!!
    the first picture is lovely!

  7. Npt surprised you miss it, Istanbul is a great and vibrant city. It sounds like you have wonderful plans and I LOVE that picture!

  8. Your lovely life is like a dreamy movie that I want to watch over and over it is so beautiful! Please write a novel, I will be the first to buy it!,

  9. Gorgeous images. Oh how I would love to be sitting at that tables with you and gazing out over the harbor...a girl can dream!

  10. Beautiful! As are your photographs. Thank you for showing it to us through your eyes.

  11. I envy living in such a city than you can eat supper outside without being cold in September! Great plans, I must think about mine too:)

  12. The pictures are stunning. Impressive!

  13. looks like a beautiful evening, but i understand the need to shift gears. its how we appreciate one from the other!

  14. I am envious of your plans and that gorgeous setting. :)

  15. i love september, when things start getting cool :) sooo beautiful
    i wanna join in the trip to mongolia!

  16. With so many interesting plans,winter in Istanbul must be great too but it does look very relaxing there at the harbour :)

  17. İstanbul'un işte böyle garip bir çekicili var dimi ama...



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