Friday, September 25, 2009

Places from Yemen

Today Yemen notes are continuing with places from Yemen. I first landed to capital city Sanaa. I remember I was anxious but did not know what to expect but definitely I was not expecting to see the beautifully decorated houses in the old part of the city..

A fascinating place near Sanaa was the residence of İmam Yahya in Wadi Dhar. Yemen ruled by İmams after Ottomans left the country in 1919. Their rule lasted until 1962.

Style of the houses are very much defined by the geography of the country. In higher areas, stone is the main component in buildings.

However as you go to lower areas, people utized what they have for centuries: mud. Houses made with mud bricks . Valley of Hadramut

Deserted city of Magrib

It's not only the houses. Palaces were build out of mud bricks as well. The most famous one is the Palace in the city of Seyun, the biggest mud palace in the world.

Another city in the Valley of Hadramut famous with mud palaces is Tarim. There are more than 30 palaces in this city, majority of them once belong to famous merchants family of Al Kaf. Palaces were nationalized during 1970-1971 when Yemen Democratic Peoples Republic was founded. They were all deserted and were rather in a sad situation during my visit..Neglect of time and people were everywhere..

So did I stay in a mud building. Well, of course. I stayed in a lovely hotel in the city of Seyun. It was the 5 star Hawta Palace Hotel. Beautiful traditional building. It was like a jewel in the desert..


  1. gorgeous photos.
    It's amazing to think of such beautiful buildings and palaces being made from such a humble material as mud bricks.

  2. Wow those palaces were made out of mud?! The house on top of the stone is also very impressive. Some of the houses in mud remind me of the Native American cliff dwellers. Very nice post once again.

  3. loving your travel pics. i am in dire need of a vacay but with the new house and all i can't afford to go anywhere :( but i def need one. thanks for your comment :D and continue to stop by my blog anytime! i hope to travel more and post some awesome pics like you!

  4. Those places look amazing!!! how interesting is everything and beautiful of course... thanks for sharing :) have a great weekend...

  5. I love learning something about places I've never been to, and your post was great. I have friends who lived in Yemen and I know it is a fascinating place. Your photos are beautiful!

  6. Many of your photos remind me so painfully of Cairo, my home. I've never been to Yemen, but your photos have brought Yemen to me. I appreciate your sharing them!

  7. I always learn so much from reading your wonderful posts. Yemen sounds and looks fascinating. I love the house ontop of all the rocks, I have never seen anything like that.

  8. What stately, ornate, beautiful buildings - kind of like the woman in the last shot!!

  9. Another fabulous informative post!!
    I love all this architecture. Fascinating to research the styles and composition of each period. And even more amazing they are still standing today. It always makes me sad when even just the humble home is torn down for progress. Lovely post and thanks for sharing these great images! .. Have a great weekend. xx Julie

  10. What an amazing place, I've never seen anything like it. I would love to travel there.

  11. Yemen looks beautiful with the traditional architecture and style still intact! Great shots and nice information!! Thanks for sharing!!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  12. Now that is an impressive palace. Great shots!



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