Sunday, October 4, 2009

Decoration in Bhutan

Reminder to dear readers: This is probably an x rated post in some parts of the world so read at your own risk :))
I love reading and looking at everything about decoration. Books, magazines, sites, blogs you name it... There are some good stuff and there are some bad stuff, depends on the taste. But more or less you are seeing the same type of houses almost everywhere. Some are for the low budget, some for the budgets that I can not imagine..But how about being different, bold and brave in decorating your house??? All these terms again could be for the western eyes but today let me take you to Kingdom of Bhutan for some different decorative elements.

I have travelled to this country in the year 2000. I will probably write more about this jewel in the future but today lets start with houses. Traditional Bhutanese houses are very well made and decorated with vibrant designs like animals, flowers or some religious figures.

However there were some folks who decorated their houses with the signs of abundance..

The other day Miss Footloose posted a beautiful quote on her lovely blog from Mark Twain. '' Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness'' and this traveller posing in front of the Bhutanese mountains was probably thinking along these lines in those days..


  1. Superb combination of great graffiti and architecture! Wonderyful shots!

    - Pixellicious Photos

  2. So interesting and different from our culture.
    I noticed those fertility signs on the walls.
    Elements of their culture.
    Thank you for sharing these great picks.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. These are some amazing shots! It's always interesting to look at small snippets of other cultures; there's so much to learn about both our differences and similarities. Very nice photos!

  4. I love that quote about travel!
    My parents believed that travel was a part of our education growing up. They'd pull us out of school for a few days to go with my dad on business trip to Europe etc dragging us all around the world and to all sorts of places long before we were old enough to really understand what we were seeing or doing.
    I am so grateful they did that.
    Lovely photos of Bhutan! I've always wanted to go there.

  5. very interesting find. I am enjoying your tour of Bhutan.

  6. most interesting! especially the one that looks like a fountain !!!

  7. Interesting decorative elements! thanks for your comment... :) love your pics always...

  8. lol! I apologize if I offend anyone, but I think painting enormous penises on buldings is very funny and quite telling. However, I very much appreciate the beauty of Bhutan's decorative architecture. In fact, the country itself appears to be gorgeous. Thank you for sharing these delightful photos.

  9. I love this! Imagine how much joy would be brought if we all had giant penises painted on our houses!

    Who knew this existed! Right on...and thanks for sharing.

    much love...

  10. Whoa . . . must say it has never, ever occurred to me to decorate the outside of my house with phallic imagery. You are very generous in saying this decoration is about 'abundance'. Or perhaps the desire of being known for one's virility? Interesting post!

  11. Oh how true is that quote about travel, I just love it!! I take my kids out of school any chance we get to is the best education they will ever receive. Your pictures are fantastic.

  12. Travel is so important.When traveling you learn so much.It is easier to come home and accept your neighbors.We are so different and so alike!I like the thoughts you give me.

  13. Wow, those houses are amazing. Thanks again for taking me on the journey with you. I would probably never travel to Bhutan.

  14. Fun post. I love seeing what folks in other parts of the world do. The quote you shared: '' Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness'' is wonderful! Such fatalities should happen everywhere!

  15. Well, I wouldn't want "fertility signs" on my walls..., but it's truly fascinating!

  16. Another Fabulous Travel post
    And of course they are the best kind. I didn't start travelling until I was 30.. A long and expensive way to go to anywhere from Aus.

    I nearly missed the decorations.. haha. Suffice to say it would not work too well here. Interesting fact that I would never learn anywhere but here. Have a great week. x Julie

  17. Travel opens the mind and the world is a lovelier place for all of us:) Lovely Bhutan.

  18. Me again, I received a "best blog" award and passed it on to you.

  19. OMG!!! Ha... I didn't see that coming... Ha ha ha... Good post... Great to know different customs & cultures across the world...
    My Travelogue, Savoir-Faire

  20. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely architecture & the views from the place!

  21. We just returned from our first trip to Bhutan. What an amazing country! The phalluses on the houses and buildings were really interesting. We were even blessed with a wooden phallus at the Temple of the Divine Madman. I blogged about the trip here,, although unfortunately I don't have pictures up yet (I have to rely on my husband for that).

    I love your blog, and I am going to put it in my travel blog links on my site.

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  23. Wow, Bhutan, that is something! Amazing pictures, especially the last one!

  24. Hi Sahildeki, hubby, hera and Hestia ,

    Thanks for sharing the views.... Bhutan is extremely an beautiful country to visit. People are friendly and culture colorful... and so is the culture. I am extremely intrigued by how people find the "phalluses on the houses and building very interesting" given that for us, it 's just so common.

    Then reflecting on your quote by Mark Twain at the top - '' Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness'' . I just realize how much traveling and experiencing other's culture can make humans so much open and tolerant :)

    If you ever visit Bhutan, do let me know.

    Cheers, Jigme



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