Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eyes of an Angel

Adopting the puppy Hera greatly reduced our ability to travel for the time being. We are waiting for her to grow a bit. However, in the mean time we were satisfying ourselves with short excursions in the city. Now we have to stop doing that due to an unexpected injury. While playing with Hera, hubby fell down and injured his knee. His MRs are showing some damage in the cartilage and in order to avoid surgery he has to stay in bed for the coming 10 days. While this give me the chance to play the naughty nurse ,books, DVDs, internet, and TV along with the pouring rain outside make it easier to stay inside.

For this week we had actually decided to visit Hagia Sophia, one of the greatest remains from the Byzantine era, to look into the eyes of an angel.
Hagia Sophia, built by the Byzantine emperor Justinian between 532 and 537 A.D., was originally a basilica before it was converted into a mosque when Ottoman Turks conquered the city in 1453. During the conversion process, the Ottomans covered the mosaics with plaster instead of removing them. The building was turned into a museum in 1934.

Many mosaics of the emperors and empresses were keep amazing the millions of visitors since then, but a photo I saw in the news during July practically took my breath away. It was the photo of an recently uncovered angel. Its six winged figure said to represent the angel Seraphim, guardian of God's throne. Since our return to İstanbul, I was dying to see Seraphim with my own eyes but it looks like I have to wait some more.
I remember telling you that I have a deep love and hate relation with this city. To live side by side with such a rich history is one of the reasons of my love..

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  1. I've always loved the mosaic works of Byzantine Era... Nice works of art... Exquisite..!!!
    My Travelogue, Savoir-Faire

  2. That is a very interesting post.
    Love your picks.
    I totally agree with you. ( last paragraph)

  3. How fortunate you are to live in a country so rich in history and priceless relics.

    Guess it is reassuring to know they have been around so long, that they will wait patiently for your husband to heal and will be there for you when he is again mobile.

    Hope his knee heals well.

  4. OH OH
    I must come back now to see this beauty!!
    I just found my missing photos ... but nothing compares to this. It is funny looking at my old photos with my 'now eyes'. Some I love as they are... but others.. my focus would be different.

    Thanks for sharing this, and thanks for your very sweet comment! Have a good week and I hope hubby feels better soon. x Julie

  5. and this is why we still do not have a is a huge commitment of time at home and now that we have our wings we enjoy time to fly!

    but hera is adorable..and
    when the time is good, the angel will be a wonderful outing!

  6. I hope your husband gets well soon and that building and the rich history of the region is why I want to go so much to Turkey one day...
    great photos

  7. Wishing your husband well and looking forward to Seraphim too.

    Funny how cities become characters in our lives. I have a similar relationship with LA as you do with Istanbul.

    much love

  8. I'd love to step into the Hagia Sophia in person. How stunning and unbelievable.

  9. Now Istanbul is listed as one of the cities I MUST visit before I die...hehe!

    So fascinated with history, m sure I will be deeply in love with yours.

  10. I'm sure having a naughty nurse will help make your husband's forced bedrest seem not so bad, after all. I was happy to see this post because I've been currently reading about Hagia Sophia in an art appreciation book. It interested me to learn that the original basilica was completed in 537 AD, when the city was named Constantinople. Now I've got that darn song from the 40's or 50's going through my head: "Oh, you can't go back to Constantinople, no you can't..."

  11. Aysegul, Byzantine Mosaics are so intricate and fascinating to look at. I am so fascinated with the time when the city was Constantinople. I hope your husband is well soon!!

  12. I've recently read that the Hagia Sophia is in need of some restoration and preservation. I hope it happens. It's a dream of mine to see it--one of the world's greatest treasures.

    I hope your husband feels much better soon.

  13. That mosaic is absolutely exquisite! As usual, you share such lovely photos. They always leave me feeling nostalgic...

    Best wishes for your husband's speedy recovery.


  14. wow....amazing. just one more reason why i want to travel to turkey

  15. "I remember telling you that I have a deep love and hate relation with this city."

    Certainly have done that with places I've lived.

    Meanwhile, that little dog and the knee injury. You're not helping with my decision to get another dog!

  16. Great photos!
    How is the air in Istanbul nowadays? It's been years...15 I guess, when visited there last time. I liked the Blue Mosque.

    What do we learn about men and puppies? I don't know! :)

  17. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely view of the city!

  18. Everything is perfect,we saw your photos another degree and describe,thanks a lot.Best wishes

  19. Hello,
    wishing your husband swift healing, puppy too! Wishing you patience to care for your family.
    Lovely post. The first photo really gets my attention.

  20. please forgive the unsolicited advice.... research castor oil packs. amazing healing properties. all the best

  21. What a wonderful post! I believe you were referring to this one on your last comment. Thanks for making me search for it.



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