Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I LOVE receiving comments but sometimes I am quite late in answering some of your questions. So this post will be about some updates and questions I neglected to answer..

1) HERA - our dear puppy... I know some of you asked about her health but as we were not sure how she was doing for a while, I waited a bit. Now I can happily tell you that she had an almost clean bill of health from her vet, she is doing quite fine. Nowadays she is like a walking pee machine and so far we couldnt tell her that its OK to pee outside. When she has pee, she barks and cries to go home so that she can pee to a newspaper. We are working full time to reverse this habit. She is our little sun shine..

2) GUVEN ILTER - Last month I posted some wonderful İstanbul photos of my friend Guven. He has finally started a website where you can see more of his photograps. Please see more of his photograps and posts at

3) CHERRY LIQUEUR - During the festival of sweets, I mentioned about my home made cherry liqueur. So here is the receipe if you want to try it.

Put 2 kilograms of cherry, 1/2 kg of sugar, couple cinnamon sticks and cloves to a big jar and then add 1,5 litres of vodka. Keep it in a dark and cool place for 2-3 months and then enjoy it. I usually add one more bottle of vodka after it is done. Sugar and the vodka level is rather depends on the taste..

For the last weekend I also made a cherry cake. As you will have 2 kg of vodka soaked cherries after a while why not use your imagination. Although a big slice could make you a bit dizzy, it was delicious. :))


  1. This is fabulous. I want to try and make this cherry liquer...yummy, do you need to do anything to the cherries before putting them in with the vodka...yum, yum, yum....

    Istanbul has been in the news, the protests!

    much love...and I think I've fallen in love with Hera!

  2. Yay!! Thank you for the Cherry liquour recipe :)

  3. So cute dog!!! I love dog's eyes.
    Your cherry cake looks so delicious.
    Love the decoration of your house.

  4. Glad to hear Hera is doing well! That is funny that she cries to go home to the paper but what a chore for you. Thanks for the cherry liqueur recipe. Sounds delicious!

  5. Thanks for updates, recipes and link!! Hera is beautiful and I'm glad she is well. But, really, don't you think putting black eye-liner around a dog's eyes is a bit much? ;)

  6. Hera, Hera, like a ray of sunshine...

    I couldn't get the Guven link to work. I'll try later.

  7. ummm, thank you for the cherry L. recipe! some day I will try that!

    so happy that your little dog is doing better.

    fun post to read your responses.

    Take care,

  8. Yum, cherry cake! And Hera is sooooo darn cute!

  9. Thank you!! =)
    Your comment made me so happy!!

    What a cute puppy!
    A cherry pie with vodka sounds nice ;)

    have a nice day

  10. Hey there
    Hera is such a sweetie.. and how cute she is trying to be the good puppy and only pee on newspaper! hehe Thanks for the link to your friend's site.. i will pop over and have a look. x Julie

    PS Thanks for your comments. Just like you my travels are usually far from home.. I haven't seen much of Australia and also have not seen Spain or Portugal to my regret.

  11. "Nowadays she is like a walking pee machine"

    Thanks for the reminder on why I don't have a new puppy yet. Not ready for that again.

    The cake looks divine.

  12. That puppy is beautiful.

    Thanks for your updates and comments. It sounds like a rewarding life.

  13. Hi, your puppy is so gorgeous!Have a sweet day!

  14. your puppy is sooo cute!!!! and that cherry liquour sounds delicious... thank you very much for all your comments always :) you are so kind

  15. Wow, that Cherry Liqueur sounds delicious.

  16. I'm glad Hera is doing well. She is so cute!

    Thanks for the cherry liquer recipe. :D



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