Sunday, December 19, 2010

Love of Rumi

This past Friday, Dec17th was the anniversary of Rumi's death, or his wedding night as he likes to see his departure from this world as a reunion with his beloved...

Starting from my late 20s, I started to learn a great deal about my religion (Islam) as well as others. I was searching for something...and as Rumi said '' the seeker will eventually find what she has been looking for whether he goes fast or slow '' it was a long walk for me and at the end I became a rather spiritual person but not a religious one.

Among so many great teachers and prophets two of them really resonated with me. Rumi with his love and Buddha with his wisdom. They are the ones who lay the stones of my path..

The year 2007 was the 800th birthday of Rumi, and for the occasion there was a special train journey from İstanbul to Konya where his tomb is. I was one of the lucky passangers of this special train. We slept one night at the train and there were lots of discussions and poetry readings thruout the night. Very special..

Below are some photos from that journey..Starting with the tomb of Rumi..
Whirling dervhishes. It is a real treat to see a good show. They are meditating while dancing, you are meditating while watching..

 Their hats symbolizes their tomb stones..
As it is not possible to take photos inside the tomb I took the photo from here. It is very elaborate and peaceful.

One of the highlights of the trip was a speech given by Mrs Esin Çelebi; his 23rd generation granddaughter..
In the meantime Rumi's spiritual mentor and friend Shams said to be buried in a nearby place which is also used as a mosque right now.. Very simple place compare to Rumi's. The 3,5 years Rumi and Shams spent together in Konya is the most crucial time in Rumi's life as Shams friendship and teachings created the Rumi that we have known today.. As Shams death is a great mystery, actually nobody really  documented about his burial place. So this place is most probably not his real resting place..


  1. Intriguing to see these photographs. They are beautifully composed and displayed here. I love Rumi - such wisdom! I once studied with a man whose first name was Shams, he was of Armenian descent. After reading your post, I now wonder if he was named after Rumi's mentor.
    Your picture of the whirling dirvishes is amazing. Thank you!

  2. Dear Ayşegül,Celalettini Rumis wörds must be example for new generations.We need to understand him.Best wishes.

  3. I see and learn so many beautiful thing on this post, about Rumi and about you.
    Wish I could have been on that special train journey.
    And just this moment an e-mail arrived, inviting us to a congregation in my city where a couple will make an evening called "Rumi in Story & Music, Celebration of the great Sufi mystic."
    It is in honor of his day of death or, as you say, his wedding day.

  4. Thank you for posting this. I've read many of Rumi's quotes, but now little about him. I do love his wisdom.

  5. What a wonderful post and photos! I love Rumi too. A true mystical genius.

  6. And this is why I love your much history and beautiful photographs of a country and religion I know not much about.


  7. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. I am a huge fan of Rumi's writings. His poetry speaks to my soul in inexplicable ways. Maybe it is their spiritual element that intrigues me. His words are truly a balm for the soul. Lovely photos, as always!


  8. Fascinating photos and intriguing post.

  9. You always take us to such fascinating places.

  10. Dear Aysegul, reading your post I recognized what you write about, that search. As a child I was raised Catholic but already in my early teens I had so many questions. I saw movies, red books,heard stories in history lessons of people who did very nasty, cruel things in the name of God. Religions, used, to keep people stupid, to get power and possesions...That was what made me start thinking and reading about religions, interesting..certainly.
    And I feel the same, I see myself rather as a spiritual person too, I'm not religious.
    There is great beauty and wisdom in Rumi's poetry.
    Your photos are beautiful! x

  11. I love learning about different cultures and traditions, in general.
    Rumi was a great teacher and prophet. I'm in awe of his wisdom.
    Your photos are really magical!

    B xx

  12. How Interesting! I have a big book of Islam Arquitecture and Paintings and there is mentioned Rumi several times. The pictures are gorgeous!

  13. Rumi, the poet. Thanks for this post that teaches things I didn't know...I've always loved the whirling dervish's spellbinding. The hat thing was interesting!

  14. Happy Christmas


  16. Hi dear Aysegul
    Another fascinating post from you.. as always.. I would say I also have become more spiritual over the year and think 2011 should be the year I investigate Rumi.. and others more...

    I hope the end of year brings you joy and laughter with much more to come in 2011... xxx Julie

  17. Soooo interesting to read about this topic. Your photos are always just beautiful!



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