Saturday, December 4, 2010

Black Sea - Amasra

I was quite aware that we were chasing an image but not ready for the huge dissappointment..Couple weeks ago I published a post named ''Dreaming'' and the small town of Amasra on the Black Sea coast was our first stop on our mini getaway..
When you look from outside, it has everything. A unique and dreamy location, wonderful beaches, rich history, a great big castle which was built during the Roman period.

But I was expecting more. I was expecting to see many old and protected buildings, not ugly apartments built in the last 20 years. They have even built them inside the castle..

The only good part was the fish and salat lunch we had at the small port.The weather was excellent and we enjoyed being in the open air, but later the high bill we have to pay for a simple lunch even tarnished that good memory..
Although we were planning to stay there for a night, we drove into the amazing nature of Black Sea and headed to the historical town of Safranbolu...Well, it was a big surprise,too but this time a good one. More photos soon..

Have a great weekend full of good surprises...


  1. That's maddening when a town spoils everything.
    But the pictures of Hubby and Hera are wonderful.
    Glad you found a better place.

    Many thanks to Turkey for sending aircraft to help fight our awful forest fire. I am very moved by this kind gesture.

  2. Dear Aysegul, A picture does not always covers the content I suppose.....nice you kept looking and found nicer places... keep dreaming!xx

  3. O, so sorry about the disappointmnet! But glad you could make something good happen...looking forward to hearing about it :)

  4. Glad you were able to convert your disappointment into new hope for a sweeter adventure.

  5. Weather still looking not bad for December....sweater time.. not heavy coats and boots, hats, gloves, long underwear....scratch for Hera please.....

  6. The pictures are wonderful - I so love and recall vividly, Turkish sea towns - as I lived in one, - Yalova. :-)
    Happy days
    Love Gail

  7. Well, from my perch at the computer here in Oklahoma, USA, the views look lovely. Sorry about the way things turned out. I'm ready to read about your visit Safranbolu now.


  8. What a shame.. I had the same experience on my recent vacation... sooo disappointed where I had booked to stay.. so re-payed and moved to another location which I absolutely loved!!!

    Your photos though are always glorious .. especially the last.. and the shots of hubby and Hera.

    Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  9. I'm sorry it wasn't the experience you hoped for. It's a pity they citizens don't care for their castle!

    Your experience reminds me of my visit to Palm Springs, California. It just wasn't for us, so we drove into the mountains and found a much more pleasant place to stay.

  10. Well at least the bad surprise led to a better one. I don't like when places go all commercial. :/

  11. Impressive views! I like esp. the picture with the dog:)

  12. i love the old rusty fishing boat in second photo. isnt it always interesting..sometimes what we go to see disappoints, but then something much better comes along the way. thats what i love about exploring life :)

  13. still tho, the walls of the castle are impressive and the pictures are really beautiful.
    have a great week
    ~laura x

  14. The weather looks nice - you can eat outside!
    We have snow in Helsinki, a LOT, almost 50 cm!



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