Friday, December 17, 2010

Rainy Days

 Since rain and cold weather hit İstanbul, not much going on here.Weather is gray and life goes on mostly at home with lots of books and movies and couple quick trips to shopping malls for necessities..I was waiting these kind of days to start writing my novel, but it looks like my muses doesnt like rainy days either..In the meantime, hubby started to write a book out of nowhere and so far he is doing great..

Also we are in the process of packing again to go to our beach house. We are planning to welcome the new year there..
Sorry for this rather uninteresting post but even the light is too bad that it does not inspire me to take photos. I promise to dig into my archives to bring you more sunny and bright photos and stories soon..


  1. Oh but it's a great post. I love seeing for the first time places that for you are just everyday common things. The line of cars climbing up the bridge is a wonderful picture.
    So you are both authors? Nice!
    Hoping you have sun again soon.

  2. Interesting to see how Istanbul could be anywhere in the world in those pics. The first one could be heading towards the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver...

  3. Nice this bridge in the fog. I will add you to my blogrol.


  4. O, the beach house for welcoming in the new year sounds wonderful! That'll surely bring up the sun! Where's the beach house--California? St. Thomas?

  5. Wonderful shots, the malls look great.

  6. We wish to be in your beach house together with you to celebrate the new year's eve! Hugs

  7. hello..greetings to you..coming by to wish you a great weekend!

  8. Hello! I envy your rain....we've been dry since July. However, the traffic does not look enviable! The shopping mall looks fun, though. Are those Christmas decorations in the mall or are those displayed all year round? I can't imagine Christmas decor in a predominantly Muslim country? I don't know much about Turkey. Anyway, have fun at your beach house this New Years! Stay warm and get started on your novel....I have one I've been working on only when the spirit moves me, which so far is only nine chapters.

    Warm Blessings, Friend...

  9. what a nice blog it is, I like it. Good success. :)

  10. Looks like a very busy town ... enjoy the New Year festivities in your beach house !



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