Saturday, December 11, 2010

Safranbolu - Saffron City

Finally the much expected winter hit İstanbul. We started to see snow flakes with lots of rain.. Our last week's short trip to Black Sea region and the wonderful weather are now looking like a distant memory..

So here are some photos from Safranbolu. A typical Ottoman city that has survived to the present day.. According to the information given there are more than 1000 registered historical artifacts in the city. Some of them dated from the early 14th century..

 It is possible to rent a golf cart and a guide for an easy tour of the city. It is so much fun, even Hera liked it a lot..

 From the 13th century on, it was an important caravan station on the main East - West trade route. It was also a trading place and a centre for growing the much priced saffron..Today saffron is still available in the city and you could buy and taste products such as: saffron tea, saffron cologna, Turkish delight with saffron...
 It is definitely a great place to see the well preserved Ottoman era houses and architecture, but it is also a living city...Life goes on smoothly despite the heavy tourist attacks..

 Once neglected houses are now a gold mine. If you cant afford a real one, why not buy a small one..
 Local artisans and the shops are serving the needs of the locals as well as th tourists. A blacksmith who is producing the traditional locks..

After lots of walking why not stop at a local restaurant and taste some specialities..My choice was the traditional Turkish soup: tarhana.. It is actually a dough prepared in summer with lots of vegetables, and yogurt and then dried for use in winter soups..A big favorite of mine since childhood...

I wish you a great weekend and bowls of hot soup if you happen to be on this side of the world.. We are freezing....


  1. Beautiful pics of your visit.
    The idea of tarhana, made in summer, sounds great.
    We heard about your sudden winter weather problems. Be safe.

  2. What a beautiful city -- I love the architecture! And those cobbled streets! I'd love to visit someday.

  3. What a wonderful post, filled with history and pictures! Such a treat to travel with you to this ancient city, whilst sitting in my napping chair by the fire. In America, and Oklahoma to be precise, our architecture is less than 150 years old. We have traces of the cattle drives and buffalo wallows, and our history is rich with Indians and cowboys, but tracing the ancients through preservation is faint. I love looking at your world through your eyes!


  4. Here is a lot of snow and it's snowing more and more - so from the pictures I see you do not have that bad:) I would love to try this soup and go around visiting those shops

  5. Such history! and of the cobblestone streets and the brass is just gorgeous....Looks like a fascinating town to visit! Glad you showed us this always....wonderful! Hera looks good!

  6. What a fabulous town.. thanks so much for sharing your photos I feel as if I have walked the cobble stone streets!!! Love all the metal artwork... fabulous!

    Well it is stinking hot today.... so I will think of Istanbul to cool down and you can think of Sydney to warm up!! haha...

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. another interesting tour! it is cold here in florida too..a good time for recuperations. i am thru the difficult parts of surgery:) thank you for your kind get well wishes!!

  8. That looks like a wonderful place; even if it is freezing cold. I love the blouses hanging and the soup looks yummy too! Stay warm:) Jennifer

  9. Great pictures and I love those little tops.

  10. I'm not usually interested in shopping, but I think I'd buy everything I see in these pictures!

  11. Wonderful place,I think I shall make a trip there!
    I shall be in Izmir for New Year holidays,three days in Chios and two in Izmir.

  12. Beautiful!!! Somehow stopped for a few moments at that shot of crochet dresses - the affinity - Lolz!!! :)
    Tiruvarur Temple Tour-Part 1
    Fashion Panache

  13. Hi, beautiful pictures of that place.. i liked..

  14. Thanks for that pictorial tour! What an interesting and informative post!
    Your pictures left me speechless!

    B xx



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