Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Staying in an Ottoman House: Gulevi..

Its been almost a week that we have returned from our little getaway and I realized that I still did not post about the good part of our trip..

We have spent a full day and night in Safranbolu (saffron city) It is located at the Black Sea region and definitely one of the most protected Ottoman towns of the country. Before taking you to a tour on the city first let me take you to our hotel: Gulevi ( Rose House) It will definitely give you an idea about the rest of the city..

It is a two house complex (soon three) restored and decorated by a lovely couple. They have left the big city life in İstanbul 10 years ago and settled here for a more fullfilling life. He is the architect, she is the decorator of this wonderful place..

We have stayed at the old Beten's House which used to belong to a judge during the Ottoman days..As it was rather off season we were the only guests and guess who enjoyed it most??? It was a big experience for her. Although she had stayed at doggy hotels before, it was the first time that she was at a human hotel. I have to say that she behaved extremly well..

All the small details were there to enjoy...

Our room was on the Harem part of the house..It was a very soothing experience to think and dream about all the people lived and spent their lives under the roof of this house before going to sleep.. Sorry for the messy room. I KNOW I should have to take the photo before..

For our luck the weather was excellent so we enjoyed the garden and the sunshine...

If you want to learn more about this wonderful place please visit :


  1. very pretty place and it is good that people still chose to create such unique interiors instead of uniformization

  2. love this interesting and attractive.
    love the shot of your slept in bed!

  3. Still flowers and fruit outside! You are having an easy winter! We just woke up to another 6 inches of snow....Hera, as always, looking good! The hotel looks really lovely....lots of nice touches.....

  4. I love the door work was about to write embroidery,but that is what it is lovely

  5. Lovely details, you're so right!!! Thanks for yet another sweet little visit to a beautiful place.

  6. Good girl Hera! Glad she was a welcome guest in that lovely house.
    Great picture of the harem room. :)

  7. OMG what a gorgeous place!!! It's sooo beautiful!!! And Hera is having a great time there too!!!

  8. Definitely gorgeous building and Hera looks so happy! Great photos as usual. Hugs

  9. Seriously FABULOUS pictures!
    I loved looking at that fantastic house.
    Your header picture is beyond beautiful!!

    Big hugs!

    B xx



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