Friday, June 12, 2009

A Decluttering Miracle

Ara Güler is the first name that comes to almost everybody's mind when you think of the word photographer in Turkey. His documentation of İstanbul in the 50s are just magnificent. Even before I interested in photography, I bought some books of him just to enjoy his images, but never had the chance to acquire a photograph signed by him...

Well, guess what happened two weeks ago. I started a decluttering mission at home mainly targeting the boxes full of old documents. After half an hour, first I found my missing university diploma which was proudly received once upon a time and still a great mystery how it ended in a lousy box with paid bills from 20 years ago.

Then I found the great treasure. It was sleeping in a dusty file from my banking days. A signed photograph from Ara Güler taken in 1950. After the initial shock, I vaguely remember that it was a gift from a client. It was framed immediately and found its proud place among other black and white photes.

So all I can say decluttering is great. Who knows what you will find among your long forgotten stuff.

Today you could still see the great master and glance some of his photograps in his lovely cafe in the Beyoglu district of İstanbul.


  1. oh my GODDESS woman... that is completely magical! I LOVE it honey :)

  2. That's a great photograph. I de-cluttered in the last month and I found an odd sock.



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