Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Faces from İran

Taking photographs is a rather recent hobby for me and since I started doing it I love taking the pictures of people. If they are aware that you are taking their picture and have no objection, there comes and instant connection thru the camera and most of the time a shy smile.

I saw many faces thru my lenses during my recent trip to İran. İranian people are very friendly and keen to invite you to a cup of tea and conversation if you can find a common language to speak. Some speaks English and the ones from Tebriz area mostly speak an understandable dialect of Turkish. And in big cities it was common to find people to chat with a very basic Turkish which they learned thru illegal satellite TVs. They sincerely dont understand why the people, especially in the West like to portray them as evil. I dont know about the politicians but the avarage İranian is very friendly and hospitable.. I had no negative experience.

Most of the people I met were willing to pose but with a request. They kindly asked me not to put their picture to internet, and I bow to their wishes although they are among some of the great images. As always, like everywhere in the world, children are the willing and smiley faces in front of the camera.

You could see more of my pictures from İran on


  1. These are such beautiful images. Beautiful people. xxx kim

  2. İran, one of the best place to see and travel. I have spent there over 20 days and will go again. People are awesome!

  3. Yes, there are nice looking images, most beautiful. I love this.



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