Monday, June 8, 2009

Farmer's market

Monday is the day to go to farmer's market for weekly fresh fruits and vegetables. It is located very close to my house and it is always a delight to walk, look and shop around the stalls. Today I took my camera with me.

Favorites of the season are artichoke and fig. Here people say that if you eat 40 artichokes in the season, you will have a very health liver. I am almost on the half way.. I like to serve it with fresh dill, garlic and walnut.

Unripe little figs to make jam are a special delicacy of this season and it is usually the Turkish Roma women who peel and sell them.And if your packages are heavy you can always hire a young and nice porter to bring your goods to your house.

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  1. I love this daily life pictures
    That bread looks delicious!!!



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