Monday, June 15, 2009

Lycian Way Dreams

We are moving to our beach house in 10 days to spend the summer. Our number one item on our to do list for the summer, is to be on this exact location and to look at this beautiful scenery.

This photo taken on the Lycian Way, near Fethiye - Oludeniz, from a fantastic spot on the 509 km long trekking route on the southern coast of Turkey. The walk passes many remote historical sites but as you can imagine we are only planning to cover a very short distance of it.

Phote: from my friend Ozan Alperden


  1. Whoa! what a dream location... straight out of dreams. Picture perfect! Lucky you. Have fun..and yea do keep us posted from there too.

    Can u take a look at this blog of mine where I have put together some funny and trivial stuff, which I plan to continue in the coming days too :)

  2. This view is amazing... Have a great summer and don't forget to post photos from your trip... :) bon voyage! buen viaje! Have a nice trip!

  3. Your new blog looks quite interesting Khadeer, although I had some problems to upload all the videos. Keep up the good work...

    You will see lots of pic. from my vacation in the coming days Ana.

  4. Oh my!! That isn't right! You are one lucky gal....hope you continue to post from your summer home.

  5. Hello! I'm reading with great interest some posts in your blog, as I am planning to move to some nice and warm spot in Turkey for the next five months.
    So far Antalya area seems great: Kalkan, Kas.. but after seeing the amazing picture of Oludeniz I definitely want to go there!
    I'm looking for beautiful landscapes and mild winter climate.

    I'd really appreciate you tell me which places in the Turkish coast you can recommend.

    Thank you for this wonderful blog!



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