Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Routine

We have quickly settled to our summer routine. Starting the day with this view from the balcony of our bedroom... Then some walk at the beach and swim before the breakfast. Then some more beach time before noon and then the indoor hours starts with reading, internetting and working on unfinished projects and of course sleeping.

Yesterday we went to Datca town. Our house located 10 km out of it. We had some drink in its small harbour to welcome the quite and cool evening hours. As it is typical in June, night time is quite cool .Well some of you asked me where Datca is: It is an 80 km long peninsula in the south west corner of the country located between the Mediterranean an Aegean seas. Touristically it is a rather untouched area compare to nearby famous destinations of Bodrum and Marmaris. Our house located on the Mediterranean side. The island seen from our beach ( pls look at my previous post) is Simi of Greece. Itis very close and there are daily ferry boats between Datca and Simi..


  1. Beautiful photos. Wish I were there.

  2. Yes, It is very nice.
    We were talking about a trip to Istanbul at the end of summer. I may visit you soon Aysegul and I hope it happens!

  3. wow!!! great pictures and great place!!

  4. oh my!! how fortunate you are. dip your toes in that water for's gorgeous. more photos!!

  5. Ideal routine for a summer... love swimming early mornings before breakfast..



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