Friday, June 19, 2009

A night in İstanbul

I met with great people during my travels and some of them became my best friends in time. Last night I was with my Cuba days buddies Nilgün and Semiha. We talked, drank and ate all night long. There was a comforting breeze coming from the Bosphorus and occasional fireworks from the nearby hotels entertaining their guests. Well, the topic of the night was not our boyfriends and husband (mine!!) as expected but UFOs. Nilgün attended a recent UFO congress and told us that they are going to collect the enlightened ones on 2012. They even saw an UFO during their meetings. Something to think about.....

İmage: from the lovely balcony of Semiha...


  1. What a gorgeous image. Sounds like you had an amazing night with your friends. I have fond memories of our stay in Istanbul. I do not know much about UFOs (can imagine it was an interesting discussion).

  2. Hi! Oh I like very much your blog!! This is a perfect photo and your dinner with friends sounds like a perfect evening... And about UFO's, this conversation topics always appear in this perfect evenings...

  3. Speaking of UFOs, I used to work with the guy who helped break the Roswell story! Sadly he passed away this summer. Your blog is a dream---I love the way you describe the evening. I'll be coming back regularly! And of course I love the title :) Diary love!



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