Sunday, July 5, 2009

At the beach

Yesterday our dear friends Selal and Juha from Finland came to visit us. We took them to Palamutbuk which is one of the most beautiful bays in the Datca peninsula. Things to talk was endless as well as the food and drink. French fries, pastry, calamari and cold beer. Our usual lunch at the beach...but when you share them with friends they even taste better.


  1. This is reminded me so much of our family holiday in Turkey last year (we were near Ephesus etc.) I loved the all the fresh seafood and pastries and the souks were so full of exitement and beautiful finds.

  2. This is a big hello back from Florida! I am so happy you visited my blog — beach lover's are just naturally drawn together.

    I also love your blog, in fact, I went back and read every post. Of course, I love the pictures of the beach, but I also enjoyed everything you wrote about. I also try to live simply, but have lots of pictures and books.

    Your thoughts on the people of Iran reflect how I feel. I believe people of the world just want to live their lives in peace, enjoy their friends and family and kiss their children goodnight. We all get caught in the power play between rival governments. What is it they say, "We are more alike than different." I would love to sitting at this table with you eating calamari and having a cold beer!

    Your photos of Iran are breathtaking, you captured such a beautiful spirit. I look forward to seeing more photos of your summer and reading your posts.

    Oh, I love your tomato farm!

  3. Who knows Rhonda, one day we can eat calamari and drink beer together.. all we have to do is wish:))



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