Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full Moon

Yesterday there was a beautiful full moon. When it first appered on the sea it was in a gorgeous red colour. Then slowly as it rises up, the red turned into a bright yellow.. It's reflections on the sea were breath taking and inviting you to dream and ponder.
While laying on a deck chair and having some 'me time', I remembered a zen story about the moon and ponder about how little actually we need to be happy....
One night a thief visited the little hut of a zen master only to discover that there is nothing to steal. Then zen master caught him and offered him his clothes as a gift not to send him empty handed. Afterwards as he sat naked, looking up, seeing the moon, 'poor fellow' he said ' I wish I could have given him this beautiful moon'

Hope you are not neglecting to enjoy full moons...

First photo: Last night
Second photo: Another full moon in Datca...


  1. What a beautiful moon and a thought-provoking, inspirational story.

    I love sunsets and seeing the moon appear as the sun dips lower and lower in the sky.

  2. Isn't it amazing!! I am half the world away from you, but have been marveling at that very same moon! Enjoy! KIM

  3. It's true we all see the same moon. How beautiful. And I love the zen story!

  4. Speechless! beautiful, spiritual, infiniteness

  5. gorgeous photos. I especially love the first one.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm looking forward to exploring more of yours. :)

  6. What a great sight you have captured! I loved your story...very thought provoking!

  7. Gorgeous photos! Love them :)

    xox, mavi

  8. lovely story :) beautiful photo
    you take really good pictures all the time



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