Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Raki is the unofficial national drink of Turkey. It is a non sweet, anise- flavored spirit, and it's fans usually drink it by partly mixing with cold water. When you add water, raki turns into a milky-white color. I dont particularly like its strong taste, but there are so many fans of it, and one of them is my husband.
According to raki lovers, it goes best with fish, and as side dishes there has to be white cheese and melon. However, for the last 7 years this country is ruled by an Islamic party, whose hidden dream is to establish the lifestyles of Saudi Arabia and Iran, here. But the name of the game is democracy so they cant play it tough. At least so far.....

So they choose to play with the available powers in their hands. So recently they banned the use of raki-fish-cheese-melon, / wine-cheese and beer-chips combinations in the advertisements. But by doing that they gave such a nice edge to marketing people. Here is one of the best ads of the raki producers. I love the satire and protest and also the photograph taken by Ahmet Agaoglu.

In a lousy translation,in the first line it says, 'my eyes can't see anything other than it' and it goes ' raki cant put their names to its mouth, however you can put their taste to your mouth.' is from here

2. photo is from the ad of Yeni Raki..


  1. My husband loves Raki and had it when we were in Turkey last summer. The picture and the advertisement pic are incredible.
    thanks for reminding us of raki and our journeys

  2. Really?! Well, may the fish and the raki win.
    And may you continue to be free to enjoy life as pictured in the first photo.

    Raki? Is that like our arak? I first learned to like it from the French volunteers who came to dig at a certain expedition here in Israel. After a hot day doing archaeology, nothing like a little arak on ice.

  3. I really enjoy reading you. our French version of RAKI is called "pastis" or "anisette" ... it is very popular here too, but is is mostly a men drink. I am not a good fan neither ... except if it is a very light version of it, let's say half a centimer of "pastis" and about half a liter of water ;) with lots of ice cubes it is very refreshing ...

    I would love to taste some raki ....

  4. Now you have peaked my taste-buds curiousity! I'll have to try one day...

  5. I don't like the taste of anise, but because of this post, I would try raki if I came across it. Fascinating and a little sad. Glad to see the advertisers pushing back. :D

  6. Raki sounds so interesting.

  7. Yeah, be creative and protest!
    Thanks for the info on raki.

  8. Is Raki an alcoholic drink ? Any idea how is it prepared ? Hope I get to taste it one day !

  9. yes Dina, its very much like arak or the Greek ouzo.

    and yes Ramakrishnan, rakı is an alcoholic drink and the alcohol level is rather high compare to others..



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