Friday, July 24, 2009

Rating in Almond

As Datca is still very much away from mass tourism, there are no big hotels or vacation villages around here. All you can find is small hotels or guesthouses. So when you want to rate them with the usual stars, it doesnt work here.And Datca is very famous with its almond. So what would you do? You start rating the hotels or guesthouses by giving them almond. 1 is the lowest, 3 is the highest. I think, its a lovely idea. What do you think??
Nowadays its time to eat fresh almonds. I love eating them in breakfast by peeling their skin and later dipping into honey. Delicious....


  1. Hi Turquoisediaries
    Greetings from Coimbatore,India.You have a great post and I like the interesting concept of almond rating for hotels.You are welcome to visit my blog.Have a great day.

  2. Beautiful, sometimes it is better for a place to be untouched by crowd. The serenity of the place will not be disturbed.

  3. I would give that lovely blue fence a 3 almond rating just for being so pretty! Almonds dipped in honey? I'll have to try it (two of my favorites)! xxx kim

  4. That is amazing - I love the almond rating system. I must try honey, my personal favorite is cinnamon and sugar roasted almonds. Mmm!

  5. Oh I love almonds and small cute hotels...
    so this is a very nice story :)

  6. What a very lovely way to do something so standard!! Just so cute!!

  7. Yes, That's so interesting!
    We have many almond trees in our Garden, too. The wondering fact about our trees is that all alamond are twin!

  8. What a coincidence! I've never heard of Datca until a couple of days ago when I visited Datca Daily Photo blog. According to your descrition it seems to be a perfect place far away from the crowd, just the way I like it! :-)
    The previous hat shot is so very cool!

  9. Love the almond rating system - never heard of that before....

    That fence is so gorgeous too... thanks for sharing.



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