Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meet Zeus

Please meet Zeus. The coolest guy at the beach.....
He is a 7 year old Golden Retriver, spending the summer at a pet friendly small motel with his owner. Nowadays he is a bit shy because of his hair cut but still very cool. He totally plans his days on his own. It's very rare that you could spot him with his owner. He spends most of the days sleeping under the shadows and when he feels hot, he is not hesitating to jump into the turquoise waters. As he prefers to spend his vacation in a peaceful and silent way, he is not even hanging around with people and other dogs. I adore his simple life style.

Since we are dreaming about adopting a dog this autumn, nowadays Zeus is our favorite guy. We love his independent personality.


  1. He is so so adorable!! We have 5 dogs and just love pets!!!

  2. Paradise is right. My dog would love to live this way!

    Congratulations on adopting a dog. Adopted dogs always seem to be the most eager to do well. You'll be doing a good deed.

  3. Absolutely LOVE that he had his hair groomed for the summer! Brilliant!

    Adopt! Adopt! Adopt!

  4. He is adorable..I could not be without my dogs!
    they make our life complete!



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