Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Turkish Coffee

As I am a dog person, I can definitely say that I am also a tea person. I especially love green tea. During winter times I think, I can drink it in unlimited amounts. However after a heavy dinner, my one and only favorite is a good cup of Turkish Coffee without sugar...Tips for a good Turkish Coffee: (1) Freshly grinded coffee beans, (2) no tap water, (3) cook it very slowly.. And after you finish drinking if you have a friend who can read your fortune by looking at the shapes in your cup, it means that you are having a perfect Turkish Coffee experience...

Photo: from an application in facebook


  1. I'll give this a try and combine it with some recipes I brought back from Turkey..I have never made Turkish coffee, thanks for sharing the recipe!!

  2. I'm writing a blog about Turkish coffee. Here's one of my posts, which is a photo guide showing how you can brew Turkish coffee:



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