Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flip Flops

I am not one of those women who is crazy about shoes. Well, I have a thing - for big bags, but let's say it's on a managable level.

However when it comes to flip flops, I cant get enough of them. Where my shoe expense for the summer is almost close to nothing, I constantly keep buying flip flops of all colors and shapes. Luckily they are not expensive.

I even succeded in converting my husband in to them who used to think that it was not a -man- thing, before me. Now I cant get him to wear a decent shoe when we are going out.

They represent all the things that I love.. Summer, freedom, simplicity, outdoors etc..God bless who invented them..
PS: As for my little model, she had a happy but short life. After she started her life in my balcony,my neighbor adopted her. She soon became a lazy and fat cat but unfortunately she got hit by a car..


  1. I understand leather flops are my summer staple!

  2. I love flipflops too. They are so comfortable and as you said just represent Summertime...a very carefree happy time

  3. Poor little kitty!
    I love your flipflops... I used to wear them a lot but now need orthotics!! Getting and feeling old.. boo hoo

  4. I always wear flip flops in the summer..., and my husband does too. It's so casual and beachy.

  5. I love flip flops too!!! they are the most confortable shoes ever... and some of them can look really fancy... So sorry about the cat :(

  6. we're kindred in our love of flips!
    i too converted my sweet guy and he too prefers them. my daughter had a wedding and requested guests to wear flips (heaven)and
    i love when the gbabies are ready for their first pair..there is always a pile by the front door..
    i always say my feet get cranky if they
    cant breathe and be free! and a sign of a life
    well lived is sandy flips and feet!

  7. I am glad I live in a place where I can pretty much wear flipflops year round. Even happier that I work in an office that I can wear them in. My feet are comfy and happy. I need to get more colors though; I have just black and brown. :)

  8. Barefoot is my favorite way to be, but flip flops will do when I have to be respectful. :)

    I love visiting your blog and seeing all the fascinating places you take us. Sights that would have gone unseen are brought to life through your eyes. Thank you for always sharing your adventures with us.

    Btw, I love that Sufi quote from last week!



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