Sunday, August 2, 2009


There is nothing better than a cold and well made lemonade on a hot summer day. On my last post I mentioned the not so secret ingredient of my lemonade. Green tangerines. I put some of their precious juice to my mix as well as decorate with them when serving. So how about you? Do you use some special ingredients on your lemonades??


  1. I couldn't agree more. There really is nothing better than a glass of lemonade.

  2. I wish I could have a glass of yours. I have to admit,very reluctantly,that I don't make fresh lemonade very often. I have some that I bought at Trader Joe's in the fridge right now. It tastes ok, but nothing like homemade. When I do make it I just use lemons and sugar(not too much, I like it a little tart)I would love to try your recipe though!

  3. I love to add fresh mint leaves to my lemonade; it balances the tartness perfectly. :D

  4. Oh that looks so divine!! I make a homemade blueberry Lemonade with fresh mint from our garden and also a homemade lemon limeade with fresh mint, both are so refreshing and all natural. I would love to try yours!!!

  5. I love to add fresh mint to our lemonade and squeeze a lime in their for a nice green citrus punch!

  6. My secret ingredient is a dash of sea salt. It really brings the flavor out!
    xxx kim

  7. When we order drinks from the local shops, we ask for lime , a small green/yellow variety ,with thin skin. It's served with sugary syrup. At home we add mint leaves to give the added zest.In the restaurants, it's usual to get a few mint leaves.



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