Saturday, August 8, 2009

We are back!!!

We are finally back to Datca. We came back from Kusadasi last night after making 3 more ancient site tour on a very hot day. We were tired, exhausted but happy.

I couldnt make any more post from Kusadasi because our days were so full of visiting nearby places. Ephesus, Sirince, Miletos, Priene, Didyma...I will soon write about all of them but first I have to organize my photos. There are tons of it. But here are some random ones...

We swam on the bays of the Kusadasi Natural Park. Because of high population and heavy construction, beaches in Kusadasi are not quite nice to enjoy. So try the turquoise waters of the national park.

We watched the busy harbour from the beautiful terrace of the Kismet Hotel when the sun was setting.It was best time of the day to have our drinks..

When the sunsets were not enough there were always full moons and cosy dinners at the beach to celebrate the passing of the day. Lots of laugh, talk and good food were the integral parts..

And of course a BİG thank you to my dear friend Eser whose hospitality was beyond words..


  1. Sounds like you had a great time.
    Love the moon shot.

  2. So beautiful!
    What darling tops y'all are wearing!
    Rest up!
    xxx kim

  3. I'm glad you had a lovely time; I look forward to seeing even more photos. :D

  4. Wow, what a beautiful place! I've never heard of any of the places you listed (I've really got to get out more! hehe!) I would love to travel to new and excited places. I look forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.
    P.S. I thought the same thing about your blouses. Super cute!

  5. I've never heard of any of these places either so its nice to see places I'll never see.

    The photos are so unbelieveable beautiful. I cant imagine being able to see these views and watch the end of the day come around.

  6. Very nice post! The 1st shot is fantastic! I've been in Kusadasi, but have done the same as you did: day tours visiting nearby places, that's why I think I don't have one single photo of the city...
    Looking forward watching the new shots! :-)

  7. Your photos are beyond gorgeous!! You capture the beauty and take us all along with you on your journey!
    You two ladies are so lovely and the blouses you are wearing are so pretty!!

  8. Yes, what everyone else said. Y'all look so fresh and pretty and cool as cucumbers in the evening light! - What pretty water and moon and Kismet! What a wonderful name! Isn't that another word for fate? You don't have to answer that! I will go look it up right now.



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