Monday, August 24, 2009

Dalyan - Kaunos - İztuzu Beach

Last week I took you to the modest grave of the last Ottaman Sultan in Syria. Today, let me show you some other tombs from Dalyan. I dont know if they are modest or not but they definitely have a good view. They are the tombs of the kings of Kaunos..

Dalyan is a small town in the south west of Turkey, famous with its rock tombs, Kaunos antic city and İztuzu beach which is the breeding ground for Caretta Caretta - loggerhead sea turtles. Best way to reach Kaunos and the only way to reach the İztuzu beach is to rent a boat and sail thru the Dalyan river, and that' s what exactly we did 2 weeks ago.

We have rented a boat and this time my mother and my niece were with us..

We first stopped at the ancient city of Kaunos. It was a city in the ancient Caria. It's location over the river and its ancient theatre where you can sit under the shadows of olive trees were beautiful.

Our last stop was İztuzu beach which was voted the best beach in the world in 1995. After my experience with its luke warm water I can say that turtles and I do not share the same opinion on what a good sea should feel like. As the photo I took that day did not give the necessary credit to one of the best beaches in the world because of the crowds, here I am putting a photo from my friend Ozan Alperden. He took this photo in the spring. I think its a good view of the 6 km long beach..


  1. I love coming to your blog! It's like entering a whole new world (for me) - but, of course, it is really an ancient world of relics, landmarks, and secrets. How privileged you are to wander among these historical wonders. How privileged we are that you share your photographs and stories!

    I am thrilled that you have become my 100th follower! Love your blog's name "Turquoise Diaries" and I will continue to visit often.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and for your very kind comment. I have to echo what Bonnie wrote -- for me, your blog opens up a wonderful new world, and I have enjoyed your photos and words so much!

    I will definitely be back to visit often. :)

  3. Wow! Just love your blog.
    I'm a history major (but now I'm a Wedding Planner - go figure!) so I'm in Heaven reading about you travels.
    Visit me when you have the time.
    ~Vickie, Nashville Tennessee USA

  4. Very interesting. I have never heard of many of the places you go to but I love learning a little about them.

  5. whoa baby..
    talk about a tomb with a view!

    and i agree with you on luke warm waters..i like a nip of refreshing when i go in the ocean..
    alot of gorgeous sites :)

  6. fotoğraflar çok güzel
    ah o gemide bende olsaydım
    açık denizlere yol alsaydım
    vız gelirdi herşey o an bana...

  7. As always, these are excellent photographs.

  8. so beautiful! All these fabulous photos are making me want to plan a trip to Turkey.

  9. Lukewarm water or not, that's a beautiful beach. Love the ruins. I really would like to see those.

  10. That sure is a great view! Very interesting post too :-)

  11. Have you ever seen the pics of The Ajanta Caves in India. Your first and second pics remind me of sky view of Ajanta...
    As I always say, ancient places have their own charm to it. I'm loving this place...
    My Travelogue, Savoir-Faire

  12. I want to visit Dalyan. The tombs fascinate me. The boat ride looks like great fun also.

  13. Wow...I think they are FAR from modest. I am so jealous of all these ancient places you visit. I love being able to see them through your eyes and posts though. These places must tell you so many stories and secrets!

  14. Thank you for sharing. I have never heard of Dalyan before. What stunning pictures and interesting history. I really hope that I may get to visit one day.

  15. This is just amazing!!! Those tumbs are so incredible... I will really want to go there some day... There are so many great places in your country...

  16. Your blog is fantastic! What an incredible beach and Dalyan looks incredible! Thanks for sharing your images and travels!

  17. Dalyan, it looks like Petra (although I've never been there either)! Amazing stuff!

  18. Yes, I agree, your blog is beautiful. Thank you. Please when you visit Dalyan again stop by for a coffee or drink. Me and my wife are running Asena Motel, maybe you already know it.



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