Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last days of Summer...

We have a saying around here that goes ' half of August is summer, the other half is winter' . Although I tried to deny it for the last week, the sun doesnt burn any more as it used to be, evenings are much cooler and last but not the least the empty beach tells it all. Yes, I have to accept it. The summer is almost over..

Our neighbours started to close their homes, the sounds of the happy children running in the gardens started to fade away. We are also planning to leave as of September 1st., and welcome the new season in İstanbul. A city which I have a deep love and hate relation which you will read alot in the coming months.

However, as if trying to keep us here more, the Mediterranean behaves at its best. Its calm, quiet, shows us its beautiful colors in a variety of ways.. According to my previous experiences September is definitely the best month here, when the vacationer crowds leave and left the peninsula and it's beaches to it's true lovers. Unfortunately due to some previous engagements we have to go as well..

So to make the long story short, I have to start packing. So here is my to go list from the wonderful summer of 2009. Some are on my bags , some are on my mind.. I hope they will last until next summer...

  • sun tan

  • hundreds of photograps from trips around

Green Tangerines

lots and lots of almond. Especially some with barks on for winter home decoration

pebbles,sea glasses and shells from the sea

laughter under the sun

many shared moments with friends and family

litres of organic olive oil that will last for the winter.

Meditative moments under the sun

Diving into the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean

Long walks on the beach with the loved one..

Sun dried tomatoes, mint,rosemary

Drinking wine while watching the full moon on the roof

2 beautiful paintings from the local artists

Wonderful photographs are belong to Rengim Mutevellioglu's vacation series. She is a young and extremly talented girl I found in flickr. For sometime I am a silent follower of her photos. Last winter I remember spending many happy hours checking her photos. She has also lovely photos of Datca.


  1. I'm sorry that your summer vacation must come to an end. I look forward to your impressions of İstanbul in the coming months.

    Here, summer is not over. September is often one of the warmest months.

    I will check out that photographer, thanks.

  2. Thanks for taking us with you in all these life-giving activities of the summer.

  3. i'm ready for the new adventures in instanbul...b/c getting to know datca thru your life has been wonderful!

    nice summer memories
    "sweet memories are the paradise of the mind"

  4. I am almost sad to leave with you, but can't wait for my Istanbul adventure to begin!
    Thank you for your sweet comments on my grandmother. I will certainly give her a kiss from you!
    Enjoy your last couple weeks of summer. It is still in the 100's her, but the mornings have that wonderful feel of change.
    xxx kim

  5. So nice to enjoy some of the scenes of summer there with you. I, too, look forward to hearing and seeing Istanbul. Hope your move back to the city proceeds smoothly. But, how to say goodbye to the turquoise water??

  6. The photo pics are just lovely..., and the nights are getting cooler here too. I still hope the summer stays on for a few more weeks!

  7. Your thoughts about summer made me a little sad... Here the sun is still on top till November... but the children are back to school this week so it's not the same... I love your list of your summer 2009! Have a great day!!

  8. Wow!! What an amazing Summer you have had. I am so looking forward to your adventures in Istanbul. We just returned from The Finger Lakes and it was wonderful, I am so sad to see Summer end.

  9. What a beautiful summer you have shared here. I thank you.

    I like the idea of watching the full moon while drinking wine on the roof. I love to sit on the roof. I look forward to the stories from Istanbul.

  10. Summer vacations are hard to let go of. Thanks to your wonderful photos and posts, I feel like I will miss the Mediterrean too. I'm looking forward to reading about Istanbul though.

  11. Great pics...
    Actually, situation is quite different in this part of the world... With temparatures soaring to even 40 degree celicius in summer, we never miss Summer, we miss Winter and Rains... I'm awaiting a great winter and good rains ahead... :)
    My Travelogue

  12. Fabulous photo's. I too would love a long walk on the beach right now.

  13. You really had an outstanding summer. What great memories you'll have.

  14. Some lovely photos
    WEll spring is starting here next week. So 'thankfully' I have the summer to look forward to.. just not the vacation or beach house. But i do have 1 week off work next week..wooo hooo!! x Julie

  15. For those who have the 4 seasons, try to hold on to the summer :) it's blessed summer all year round here.

  16. Hi, me again. Just want to let you know that I have left you an award on my blog. Feel free to ignore it if it is not your "thing" - I will not be offended.

  17. Wonderful summer sentiments. I love winter much better, but you've certainly made me wish I had your kind of summer with your great writing!

  18. I'm so glad we are warm here most of the year. I hate saying good bye to summer. Make the most of every minute of it!


  19. The smell of autumn is every where, as I can feel it here in Mashhad!



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