Monday, August 10, 2009


'Whichever direction you choose to go, -east,west,south,north - consider each journey as a travel to your soul. Whoever travels to his inner world will eventully travel around the world.'
Sufi Quote
I have tons of stuff to share with you from my recent travels and I have to get ready for a new adventure. This time my mother and niece are coming with us. We are leaving on Thursday. However I am in a lazy mood today. Just reading and day dreaming and found this beautiful quote on a Turkish blog and translate it for you. I thought its a good way to start a new week / a new journey. Happy Monday!!!

photo: from my travel to Myanmar / Burma


  1. Oh, I am sure that you will have a blast with your mom and niece along for your next adventure! I am so glad that you are taking every opportunity that you have to explore your surroundings and then sharing it with us. - I like the photo of the monk walking away. Symbolic. He is turning his back on the material world.

  2. Oh, you were in the Union of Myanmar?! Cool.
    Lovely picture and advice.
    Have a good new trip.

  3. Good quote and a fine accompanying image.

  4. Have a great trip with your mom and niece!!!!

  5. Great quote !
    happy monday to you to too and bon voyage then !

  6. Beautiful qutoe and photo to go with it. It's sound advice. :D

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  8. Hey Tastaban,
    That's so true... Nice quote...
    And the photo is too good. Love it.. I always love the photos of Buddhist Monks.. :)
    (Btw, is it ok to call u Tastaban, or should I call u Aysegul..!!!???)
    My Travelogue

  9. Hey Mitr,
    Aysegul is my name and Tastaban is my last name and Erzincanoglu is my husband's last name. You can call me which ever you want. No problem..



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