Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oludeniz - Fethiye

I have been away from Datca and internet for the last 2 days. We went to Fethiye and Dalyan. This time my mother and my niece were with us. On day 1, we were at Fethiye a well known tourist center about 3 hours drive from here. Although we spent the night at Fethiye our main target there was Oludeniz.

It is a small resort village famous with its beach about 20 minutes away from Fethiye. It is frequently rated among the top 5 beaches in the world and probably one of the most photographed beach on the Mediterranean.

It is also famous for paragliding and regarded as one of the best places in the world to paraglide due to its unique panoramic views, and the Babadağ Mountain's exceptional height.

While we were there we also drove to nearby Valley of Butterflies to see the magnificent view from the top. The road was so narrow and it was a scary ride but it worth...

Later in the day the weather gets cloudy and it started to rain a bit, but the view was still magnificentHowever as someone coming from the Datca peninsula, I did not like the quality of the sea. First of all water is hot. It's not cool and refreshing. We call it as hamam/ bath water here. Second it does not look very clean. There were lots of sea weeds swimming with me. But dont take me too seriously, Iam sure it was OK but I am a bit fanatic about the waters of my lovely peninsula. I swam on so many seas and oceans but couldnt find a match yet..


  1. It looks beautiful from the arial shots with blue water and white beaches, but I agree bathwater and seaweed are a bit icky. It does sound like you are a bit spoiled by your peninsula. Lucky you!!!!
    xxx kim

  2. What a gorgeous coastline photo! I am like you, however... I like my sea water to be clean. I hate swimming with seaweed, yuck. But at least the views are beautiful. :)

  3. This looks like a beautiful place but I want to go where you live! It sounds perfect! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Is that you parasailing? :)

  4. Such a breathtaking beach, at least from a bird's eye view! The water along the beaches on Sanibel Island is also very hot right now (average of 92° F.) because of our high summer temperatures, but it will cool down again once the season is over.

  5. Great pictures,especially of the beach. The bdaches on the gulf coast here in the usa are too warm also.

  6. Lovely photos. Oludeniz looks gorgeous but yes.. too many ppl. I will have to find out where this and Datca are.. I little homework for me. It was a shame I did not get to see more of Turkey when I was there. Beautiful place, and the friendliest ppl on earth.

  7. Sounds very inviting to be there. I don't think i can do any parasailing as heights is not my forte.

  8. very nice beach, it looks perfect!!!!

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  10. I am so envious that you at the beach. We live right in the middle of England and I would love to go for a paddle in the sea! The images are perfect...

  11. Oh just look how blue the water is....breath-taking views!



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